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Commercial Ancillary Services

The inspector will perform a comprehensive inspection of a commercial property, covering structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing aspects. As needed, specialized inspectors, such as those for fire control systems, elevators, chilled water systems, HVAC, and others, may be brought in for a more detailed assessment. Additional fees apply for these services.

Elevation Survey

Measurements are taken from a central location in the building to the corners of each room on the ground floor to determine how level the floor is. A survey of the ground floor gives a 'snapshot' of the foundation, which is useful when comparing to previous or subsequent surveys to see how the foundation has shifted. Survey of First Floor FREE with every Commercial Inspection!

Stucco Visual & Intrusive Inspections

There are two main types of stucco inspections. The more complete is called a Moisture Intrusion Inspection and the lesser is the limited Visual Only Inspection. The majority of our clients need the information that the full moisture intrusion evaluation provides, yet we understand that inspection costs are important. Consider both services and weigh the value that each will provide. Stucco Visual Inspection Included in your Commercial Inspection.

Moisture Instrusion Inspection

This inspection is recommended to all clients who want to know the condition of the structure in behind their stucco. First we ask the building owner to sign a waiver form. This is so we can put tiny holes into areas we suspect are likely to have water penetration so we can insert a specialized tool that can read moisture (of course, we patch the holes).

Chinese Drywall Inspections

During the Visual Inspection the inspector checks for common signs of Chinese Drywall in the building, such as an odor of sulfur, corrosion / blackening of copper wires and pipes, and markings on unpainted drywall indicating that it was made in China. If this inspection reveals indicators of Chinese Drywall an Intrusive Inspection may be performed. At that point small samples of drywall will be taken from various areas in the building and sent to a laboratory for testing. Results of the lab testing can take up to two weeks. Additional Fee.

Thermal Imaging Scan

Forensic Inspection

The inspector will use a drill, saw, or other appropriate tool to open the suspect area of a structure and pin-point the source of moisture or other issue. In the case of stucco, the hole will be filled with caulk when the inspection is complete. The inspector is not responsible for replacing drywall or other building materials. Additional Fee.

Mold Inspection

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

(Performed by Texas Termite Terminators, a division of Fox Residential Services Group.) The inspector will check the property for signs of wood destroying insects, such as termites, carpenter ants, etc. The inspector will also assess the property for structural or landscaping issues that could contribute to future wood destroying insect problems. Additional Fee.

Ozone Disinfection